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CROMAI is an interdisciplinary research group working on Cloud-Edge computing resource management, orchestration and disaggregation, green computing and energy management on data-centres, and novel technologies for HPC on AI and machine learning. We work on middleware runtimes and technologies to provision applications in the Cloud (also on the Edge), leveraging Machine Learning for "smart orchestration", minimizing resource usage and energy consumption, while boosting Quality of Service. Big Data, AI and distributed learning (Federated and Swarm) applications are the main targets on our research.

Most members of CROMAI belong to the Department of Computer Architecture at UPC, and Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC).

Our main lines of research are:

  • Big Data Platforms and AI Workload Orchestration
  • Green Computing in the Cloud/Edge
  • Emerging HPC Technologies for Artificial Intelligence
  • HPC for Deep Learning, Generative Models and Multimedia